Roxanne Bertels and Mathieu van der Poel have been a couple for a long time. “My life surfs a bit with his and that is not always obvious,” she said. “But Mathieu is such a positive and cheerful guest. He can hardly get on his horse.”

It will be a busy autumn for Van der Poel and therefore also for Roxanne. “I can’t promise to be everywhere, but still at the big and important races. The races on the road are the most fun because when he rides the mountain bike, I often find it unpleasant. And the cross is especially fun. Then I do occasionally take a look in the marquee, but from a distance. And I hold back in the hamburger tent. “

Van der Poel has a lot of fans, but he is also a fan of someone. “Justin Bieber. Really. That gets up every day and then he joins in front of the mirror. Singing and dancing.” But Flanders will not see that soon because it is not on TikTok, for example. “I’ll secretly film and forward it,” promised Roxanne.

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