Giro d’Italia 2022, closed roads and traffic changes

The expectation is growing for the return of the Giro d’Italia to Genoa. The 12th stage of the 2022 edition of the Corsa Rosa, scheduled for Thursday 19 May starting from Parma, will end at the Genoese finish line in via XX Settembre to arrive in Piazza De Ferrari.

The organization of the race will involve some changes to the road conditions in the finish area starting from the afternoon of Wednesday 18 May. Below is a list of the roads, in the arrival area, which will be subject to parking, stopping and traffic restrictions, and their destination:

  • Elevated Road (Pass of the Race)
  • Via XX Settembre-Piazza De Ferrari (Preparation of the Arrival Area)
  • Section between Piazza De Ferrari, Via Roma and Viale Emanuele Filiberto (Suppliers Parking)
  • Piazza De Ferrari, Via Petrarca, Piazza Dante and Via Dante in the section between Via Roccatagliata Ceccardi, Via Carducci and Via Morcento (Compound TV Area and Broadcaster Vehicle Parking)
  • Parking for motorcycles and mopeds between Via Dante and Via D’Annunzio (Organization Parking)
  • Piazza Matteotti (Guest Parking and Stage Quarter)
  • Via Fieschi, both sides (Terze Ammiraglie parking)
  • Via Brigata Liguria in the section between via XX Settembre and via Ippolito d’Aste (Team Bus Parking)
  • Piazza della Vittoria (Open Village, Sponsor Parking, Vendor Parking, Caravan Parking)
  • Piazza Matteotti (Guest Parking and Stage Quarter)
  • Via Canevari in the section between the intersection with Corso Monte Grappa and Piazza Raggi (substitute terminus for AMT vehicles).

The municipalities crossed by the race will be: I Center East, II Center West, III Bassa Valbisagno, V Valpolcevera, VI Medio Ponente, VIII Medio Levante. All changes to road traffic and vehicle parking throughout the municipal area with the relevant time slots (before, during and after the race), changes to the public transport service managed by Amt and alternative routes recommended to citizens will be communicated in the next days.

The route of the 12th stage of the Giro d’Italia

The Parma-Genoa (204 km) will be a stage of medium difficulty. The entry into Liguria will take place from the Bocco pass, from where the runners will reach Carasco downhill to enter Val Fontanabuona. Slight climb up to Ferriere where the group will take the climb to Colletta di Boasi. Descent to Bargagli and Cavassolo, then the entrance into the territory of Genoa from the Bisagno valley with the short but demanding climb to the Trensasco pass.

After Bolzaneto the race will cover the right bank of the Polcevera up to the height of via Ferri. From here, through via Borzoli, the entrance to the Sestri Ponente-Airport motorway tollbooth is foreseen. You will cross the Genova San Giorgio bridge to exit at Genova Ovest and take the Aldo Moro flyover, which will take the runners up to the last 2 kilometers that will wind between viale Brigate Partigiane, viale Brigata Bisagno and via Cadorna. Arrival on a slight slope (2% gradient) at the finish line in via XX Settembre.