Giro555 collects more than 2 million euros for Lebanon in three days

2.2 million euros was raised for Lebanon in three days via Giro555. The eleven members of the Cooperating Aid Organizations (SHO) announced this in an initial interim score. Since Friday, commercials have been broadcast on various channels, in which the Dutch are urged to donate.

The money is intended for emergency relief, but the Red Cross is already looking ahead, according to a joint press release from the aid organizations: “The economic situation will deteriorate further and the Lebanese population will be hit hard. Many houses need to be repaired, but not everyone can afford these repairs. Also, many people will not have the money to buy food. “

Donor conference

Financial aid is not only raised through donations. It was announced on Sunday that the cabinet is making four million euros available in emergency aid. An international donors conference led by France yielded a pledged amount of more than 250 million euros for Lebanon.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (D66) Kaag said he was convinced that this would be good for local aid organizations.

The Netherlands also wants to contribute with expertise, said Kaag: “Together with the port of Rotterdam, we are looking at how we can help with salvage within the port by means of the World Bank, so that ships with food, for example, can moor again, but also during reconstruction. from the port. “

Explosion damage is estimated at $ 10-15 billion. Lebanon cannot afford that amount itself. The country is facing a severe economic and political crisis long before the explosion.

Presenter Danny Ghosen talks about the necessity of the action:

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