Girona allocates 200,000 euros to Kreas grants for cultural creators

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Girona City Council will double the aid to cultural creators included in the Girona Kreas scholarship program to 200,000 euros. With the increase in the financial endowment is also expected to significantly increase the number of projects awarded, which last year were 20 of the 80 submitted. This line of aid is intended for non-regulated artistic training projects; research and artistic creation; and of production and exhibition of the arts.

According to the mayor, it has been decided to go from 100,000 to 200,000 euros for these scholarships because “now is the time to strengthen the line of support for creation that we had started in recent years”, in reference to the unemployment that suffers the cultural sector because of the coronavirus.

“It is clear that the cultural field is one that needs liquidity right now to be able to remain active and be at the center of the social and economic recovery that we have to do in the city and in the country,” according to Madrenas.

The increase in funding for Girona Kreas scholarships is “a measure that has been taken pending the definition of the set of measures to support local culture, so that projects can be responded to as quickly as possible. », According to the council, which also says it wants to study how to promote other lines of support for creators, such as Amplia Cultura.



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