Girondins: “He was already on TF1 to watch Ninja Warrior”

Journalist and guest of Talk WebGirondins, Samuel Vaslin was present during the Talk show on Monday evening. The latter shares his concern with us, presenting his “Teachings” on the defeat of the Girondins against Niort 1-3.

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“Total indignity”

First, the first lesson that Samuel Vaslin in the Talk made is the lack of dignity:

The first lesson is total indignity. Whether in the attitude of the players, in the approach to the match, in the course of the meeting, in the fact of having left so many opportunities for Niort to come back. There are very few people I want to save in the game. David Guion is not the only one, but he is the group leader, and like his soldiers, he was unworthy on Saturday. This defeat is, for me, the most serious defeat of the Girondins, perhaps for several years.

The free district

Secondly, the journalist uses the term “free time” to describe the freedom the players had:

The positive point (Ironically) with Bordeaux, it’s that the players had the right to do what they wanted on the pitch. The players had the freedom not to work, not to prepare their meeting, nor to have a plan. Likewise for the coach, it’s free time. In my opinion, he was already on TF1 to watch Ninja Warrior. He is not, at any time, an actor in this match. The only sector with organization and success on Saturday was at the level of the supporters. For everything else, we were, once again, as we have been used to for months, on a team that is completely freewheeling.

A worrying future without a project

Finally, the last teaching of Samuel Vaslin, following the defeat of Bordeaux, is on the future of a team which is stagnating:

The last lesson is my worry about the future. With the start of the season and a lot of points obtained, normally the team must then move on to stage 2 which puts a project in place, then stage 3, which is the success of this project. Only, Bordeaux is still stuck at stage 1, while other teams behind are already at the second stage and in front there are even some who have already passed to stage 3. In the end, we will make have. This championship could have been a formality for Bordeaux, with seriousness and hard work. However, instead it becomes a headache and the Girondins are solely responsible for this situation..”

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