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Giulia Gwinn: The precocious goalscorer who threatens Spain | sports

It was not being the dream premiere for Germany in the World Cup in France. The double world champion suffered before a rocky and aggressive China, which was putting up more opposition than could be expected at first and I had enjoyed the best chances of the match. Until, after the hour of meeting, Giulia Gwinn appeared. With a powerful right hand to the exit of a corner, the skillful midfielder took Germany out of the quagmire, avoiding the one that threatened to become the first big surprise of the World Cup. And in the process it became, at 19 years and 341 days, in the third youngest player in Germany's history to score in a World Cup, after Birgit Prinz (17 years and 227 days, in 1995) and Ariane Hingst (19 years and 335 days, in 1999).

"The goal came at the right time, it was a great relief for us," acknowledged Gwinn, whose previous eight matches with the German national team had been friendly, when collecting the trophy that accredited her as the best player of the match. "Obviously it's very special to score in my debut in a World Cup, it's something that gives me a lot of confidence for what's coming," he added with a calm tone and a half smile about the lonely one that had given victory to Germany. Any other player would have been more than excited after a tournament start like yours, but Gwinn took it easy. Not in vain, what he lived last Saturday in the Park Roazhon Rennes was not a new sensation for her.

In 2016, in his first match at the U-17 World Cup in Jordan, Gwinn showed up in the tournament scoring the first goal and giving the second goal in Germany's 2-1 win over Venezuela, which She was named best player of the match. Two years later, at the U-20 World Cup in France, he repeated achievement. Although this time she did not score (she did it in the second game against China), her performance in the 0-1 victory against Nigeria did not go unnoticed and allowed her to be renamed MVP.

"We have given him confidence and he has shown what he is capable of doing", said after finishing the clash last Saturday the German coach, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, on Gwinn, who recently signed for Bayern Munich. The Bavarian giant has arrived from Freiburg, with which he debuted at the Bundesliga when he was just 16 years old, another example of his fleeting rise to the elite of football.

The young midfielder is one of the visible faces of the renewal that has started the German national team after the bump suffered at the European Championship in 2017, where he was eliminated in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands. From the hand of Voss-Tecklenburg, the Teutons have embarked on a generational change that has led them to stand in France as one of the youngest teams in the tournament. The technique, on the bench in November, has shown that he does not tremble when it comes to giving responsibility to the emerging promises of German football.

Neither more nor less than 15 of those summoned by Voss-Tecklenburg had not been to a World Cup before. Of course, one of them is Gwinn. Born in July 1999, she is the second youngest player of the German team, only behind the very young Lena Oberdorf, who at 17 and 170 days old broke another record last Saturday, when she jumped to green in the second half in substitution by Caroline Simon. In this case, the midfielder became the youngest player to debut in a World Cup with Germany. "He has been outstanding," said his trainer briefly after the game.

Confirmed the withdrawal due to injury of his great star, Dzsenifer Marozsan, this Wednesday against Spain (GOL, 18.00) both will have the opportunity to continue showing that inexperience is not an impediment to shine in a World Cup.

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