“Give yourself a gift, take the free HIV test”

Friday 2 December “Give yourself a gift, take the free HIV test”. The volunteers of the Treviso ANLAIDS association invite all citizens to participate in the prevention afternoon in the heart of Treviso. From 17 to 21 the rapid salivary test for HIV will be offered free of charge in Piazzetta Battistero (a few steps from the Duomo and Calmaggiore). The initiative is sponsored by the Municipality of Treviso, Department of Social Policies, and Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana.

The ANLAIDS association will be present from 5 to 9 pm with an information point set up for the administration of the rapid test, and a team of infectious disease doctors, health personnel and volunteers will be available to citizens to provide valuable prevention advice and answer all questions on the topics of prevention of sexually transmitted infections, the importance of early diagnosis, correct lifestyles and the need to overcome the stigma and prejudices regarding the disease. All adult citizens, as well as minors accompanied by their parents, can participate in the anonymous and free screening. No reservation is needed. In the 15 minutes preceding the test it is important not to drink or eat (not even gum or sweets).

«The test that will be offered consists of a small “cotton swab” that is gently rubbed on the gums. In a quarter of an hour you have the result and the procedure is absolutely painless. For this initiative we have chosen the motto “If you have head, take the test” precisely to underline how important it is to carry out periodic checks and in case of infection to arrive at an early diagnosis as soon as possible» underlines the infectious disease specialist Maria Cristina Rossi, president of ANLAIDS Treviso, «knowing immediately that you have contracted HIV allows you to start pharmacological therapy, preventing the infection from degenerating into the disease AIDS. Today, thanks to the drugs we have available, those who are HIV positive can lead an absolutely normal existence in terms of work, sentimentality, parenting, remaining healthy and maintaining a good quality of life”.

It is imperative that all people join fearlessly. Even today in our country the erroneous belief that the HIV virus is associated only with homosexuality or drug consumption persists, and instead, the data show that it increasingly affects heterosexual couples: in 90% of cases the ‘HIV is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, the disease does not give symptoms except in the last stage. The only way to find out in good time, and avoid passing it on to other people, is to take the test.

ANLAIDS Treviso is an association engaged in awareness and prevention activities on the subject of HIV and seropositivity. The goal is to fight stigma and all forms of discrimination through scientific dissemination and a series of activities in the area, aimed at educating and preventing citizens, as well as providing psychological support for patients. The association – born from the human and scientific heritage of Dr. Rodolfo Fuser, a pulmonologist and infectious disease specialist from Treviso – makes the Infectious Diseases department of the Ca’ Foncello hospital in Treviso, directed by Dr. Pier Giorgio Scotton, a truly cutting-edge excellence in the field of sexually transmitted infections, first of all that of HIV. To contact ANLAIDS – Treviso: 338 2642169 (from 8 to 15) or [email protected] Facebook page: Treviso ANLAIDS Association-Rodolfo Fuser Committee.