EFE – The walkers of the Central Park (New York) in these dates they usually marvel at the autumnal colors of the trees, but these days seem more captivated for duck of beautiful plumage that has appeared among the usual flock, despite being typical of the East of Asia.

Since the beginning of the month it has been possible to see duck Mandarin, which stands out among the green-necked ducks, swimming in the water pools of the park, but in just two days has spread the word about their presence and now it is easy to see curious people following the bird with their eyes, with binoculars or cameras.

Volunteers Central Park They assured Efe this Wednesday that you just have to look for a group of people next to the water and there will be the duck, a male, who has an identification tag on his leg and has probably escaped from a life in captivity, although "no one claims it", since in New York It is illegal to have him as a pet.

The animal, which shines a stripe of iridescent purple on the head and chest, and black and white stripes around the tail, moved with ease before a dozen observers, showing the titles of "duck glamorous "and" more attractive bachelor "who have given him some media with humor.

According to local experts Gothamist, the first to report his appearance in the city, the duck is a species from the East of Asia and does not migrate naturally to this area of ​​the United States, nor has it escaped from the zoo Central Park, which is within the natural space.

David Barrett, who runs the Twitter account "Manhattan Bird Alert," explained to Fox News, the duck Mandarin It is characterized by being "aggressive" and is "claiming dominance", something that could be observed on Wednesday when chasing some of the birds in the pond located at the southeast entrance.

He also added that in the coming months he runs the risk of dying because he feeds on insects and vegetation located on the surface of the water and it freezes in winter, although usually a liquid part is usually left, so New York It could become your permanent home.


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