Glance! This is what the orcs of the new series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” look like

By: Alicia Mora.

Throughout the entire Lord of the Rings franchise, battles against orcs have played a pivotal role in the story, and in the new series “The Rings of Power” will not be the exception.

From the project of this series, the first photographs were presented of what the new orcs. The design is only with makeup and prosthetics, since the producers decided do not work with computer generated images (CGI).

According to series executive director Lindsey Webber, since the story is set in a very different age, it’s important that they have a different look and feel since they are the orcs before those that have been seen on screen until now.

Webber added, that for the first time they will see female orcs.

On the other hand, the head of the prosthetics department, Jamie Wilson, commented that all the ears, noses and parts of the orcs are made in encapsulated silicone, so that when applied to the actor’s face, they will be able to move naturally.

The series will premiere on the platform Amazon Prime Video on September 2.