“Glass Closet”: 25% of LGBT + people fear losing their job

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“Just as there is a ceiling and glass walls, there is also a glass closet”, dice Esteban Paulón, Executive Director of the Institute for LGBT + Public Policies and a benchmark for the Argentine LGBT Federation in a meeting with representatives of companies where he marks that 62% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, among others, feel discriminated against in the workplace.

40% of those surveyed by the Institute are afraid of losing job opportunities if they “come out of the closet” and there are 25% fear that they will even lose their jobs because of their sexual identity.

Likewise, Trans people are the main excluded from the labor market. “There are social prejudices that access to education does not resolve. There is a lot of discrimination. In Argentina there are between 12,000 and 13,000 trans people. It is a small group but very violatedPaulón remarked.

Registry of community promoters of gender and diversity created

At the meeting, organized by AmCham, the Argentine subsidiary of the US Chamber of Commerce, Paulón also pointed out that 54% of companies do not have diversity policies. 66% of employees would participate in these activities if companies had them.

“It is important to talk about it all the time, because helps reaffirm identity“Considered Delfina Daglio, coordinator of the Diversity and Inclusion Area for South America at IBM, who stressed that it is important to have” allies “in the company. “We don’t want to get into privacy,” he explained.

For Georgina Barrán, head of Inclusion and Diversity at Accenture, visibility is key. “It helps to raise awareness. So we have Pride (pride) events, genderless bathrooms -in the Parque Patricios building- and instances to speak about situations (Speak Up), to analyze offensive comments and “jokes”.

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51 years after the Stonewall revolt in New York, the anniversary that marks the international day of LGBTIQ + pride, more and more companies open the game to diversity. Newsan installed the motto #SeVos in an internal campaign for the more than 5,000 workers that the group has in its different business units. The HSBC joined globally in all the subsidiaries to a cycle of talks with specialists from the LGBT community about practices labor, equality, sexual diversity, bullying and harassment and sexual diversity in advertising, among others. Other companies have a network of volunteers throughout the year that promote relationship and acceptance initiatives. One of these is SAP’s “Pride” network of volunteers.

But initiatives are not only found in the private sector. Airlines signed an agreement with the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Argentina to position Argentina as “friendly” tourist destination. The agreement foresees carrying out actions of awareness, training and visibility which included company employees, also with the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity.

LGBT tourism moves millions of dollars a year. “We are proud to promote Argentina worldwide as a welcoming destination, where each person can be whoever wants to be and love whoever wants to love“Said Pablo De Luca, president of the Chamber.



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