there It is ! We know now the 5 african countries that will represent the continent at the football world Cup in Russia in 2018 [from 14 June to 15 July]. The penultimate day of the phases of the hen’s last weekend has indeed powered on the podium of the qualifying countries, Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal, to the detriment of Ghana, Algeria and Cameroon. The three teams have joined the Nigeria and Egypt already holders of the most precious sesame.

there will not be a novice, as expected, since each of the teams en route to Russia totals at least one participation in the great mass of world football. For the next edition, it is North Africa that will be the most represented with 3 countries on the 5 qualified.

The North Africa in force

But beyond these regional concerns and frustrations of some and of others who have seen their qualification slip… feet, it is necessary to consider that the teams that go to Russia will carry the hopes of the continent and must, therefore, receive the support of all Africans. There is no doubt that all Africans are obsessed with soccer will sing in unison, in June next, to the glory of our representatives and their immeasurable talents of the individual.

The question now is whether this will be enough for five countries on the continent vying to cross the cape quarter-finals, which remains to this day the best performance of african teams in world Cup [Cameroon in 1990, Senegal in 2002, Ghana in 2010].

Not so sure, when you know that 3 out of the 5 qualified are difficult to be raised out of the phases of the hen, and that the first 2 to get their tickets that are Nigeria and Egypt, are capable of the best but mostly the worst-in the official competition. For all that, we should hope to see at least one of our representatives in the four aces, so in the semi-final.

Put an end to the problems of premiums

To get there, it is important not to rely on sorcerers, the most distinguished of the continent or on hypothetical refereeing errors, but rather on a good physical preparation and mental teams, coupled with a management of orthodox financial resources that will be injected.

One would, in effect, relive these scenes ridiculously childish where players refuse, in the locker room, to wear the shirt as long as their premiums have not been paid, or that politicians require and obtain technical support on the figuration of the names of certain players, creating an atmosphere harmful and really harmful to the conquering spirit that should prevail in each match.

In a little more than seven months of the opening of the competition, we can say that it is still possible to consider the Russian world under the best auspices, provided, of course, take lesson from all the failures and all the “nègreries” that took place during previous editions.

Quarrels picrocholines

The hope is all the more licences he seems to be in different stables, a friendly atmosphere, that there is apparently not this war of the ego on the background of the rivalries of the absurd between the players, and that most of the breeders will be at their first world Cup.

All of this is in any case a good omen, but we must be careful in forecasts, because the date of the world is about to break on the horizon, the more the passions will be unleashed and more quarrels picrocholines between the different actors may arise, generally for the satisfaction of appetites lowly friqués.

african giants absent

It is thus to ward off the fate that we urge already the players, the coaches, and the authorities of the countries qualified to more lucidity and “africanism” because, remember, they carry with them only the hopes of an entire continent.

Because one thing is to come out top of its group in the qualifiers, another, more difficult, and more important, is to earn that rank by making a good figure internationally, for his country and all of Africa.

It is only at this price that you will be proud of our representatives, that we don’t regret the absence of the major nations of football continental as the Ghana of the brothers Ayew, Ivory Coast’s Salomon Kalou and Max-Alain Gradel, Cameroon’s Fabrice Ondoa and Vincent Aboubakar, and finally, that of Burkina faso and the South Africans will not continue to curse the international football Federation (FIFA) to have destroyed their chances of qualification, by reducing the Senegal on the road to Russia [the FIFA had made the controversial choice to replay a lost match by the Senegalese in the face Bafana Bafana of South Africa].

Hamadou Gadiaga
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