Global Toyota sales for April fell 11%.

Toyota Motor Corp. said global sales in April were 763,708 vehicles, down 11.1 percent from the previous year. and dropped for the eighth month in a row It has been affected by a global semiconductor shortage and the COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai.

Global production fell 9.1% in April to 692,259 units, about 750,000 lower than expected and lower than the previous year for the first time in three months. Toyota affected by supply constraints But other automakers have been forced to suspend or slow production. In addition to the automobile industry There were other things that were affected, such as air conditioners. Various electronic devices and smartphones due to the huge increase in digital demand.

sales of Toyota April in Japan fell 16.8 percent from the previous year to 103,143 units, including small car sales. Meanwhile, production fell 9.0% to 243,425 vehicles in the reported month. Meanwhile, overseas sales fell 10.2% to 660,565 units, while exports fell 9.1% to 448,834 units.