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Globlex selects 8 outstanding stocks to invest in growing exports

Date 01 Jun 2022 time 05:15

Globlex Securities (GBS) assesses Thai stocks, Sideway, index 1,620-1670 points, and recommends investment strategies for stocks that benefit from strong export numbers

Ms. Wilasinee Boonmasungsong, Research Director Globlex Securities Co., Ltd. (GBS) estimates the SET’s outlook this week is likely to fluctuate sideways, supported by US baseline PCE numbers, excluding food and energy. It is the Fed’s favorite gauge of inflation, up 4.9% YoY in April, in line with analyst expectations, a sign that US inflation has hit its highest level. As a result, the Fed was able to slow down interest rate hikes.

Beijing has decided to ease measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in some areas to allow people to return to their normal lives. The city of Shanghai, China’s financial hub, has announced that it will end its lockdown measures on June 1 and take measures to restore the economy and help businesses affected by the lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus. vid-19 In addition, WTI crude oil prices continued to rise in response to news that the European Union (EU) has resolved to suspend more than two-thirds of Russian oil imports in order to cut Russia’s supply pipelines in the Ukraine war. Supporting energy stocks Expect the index to move in the frame of 1620-1670 points.

Factors that still need to be watched continuously, such as on June 1, China released the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in May manufacturing sector from Caixin. The EU has released its final manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) for May. and the unemployment rate in April The United States has released its final manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for May. Manufacturing sector index for May Employment openings and labor turnover rate (JOLTS) April Construction spending in April Summary of Economic Conditions (Beige Book) from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) (morning of June 2), June 2, the United States released private employment data for May. Number of weekly unemployment claims Factory orders for the month of April weekly oil stock Purchasing Management (PMI) Final Service Sector May and manufacturing sector index in May

Therefore, recommend a strategy to invest in stocks that benefit from the strong April exports, such as TWPC, BRR, KSL, ASIAN, TU, KCE, PDJ and INOX.

As for the investment direction in gold, Mr. Nattawut Wongyaowarak Research director Globlex Securities said the trend of gold prices this week still needs to be watched by a statement from St. Louis Fed Chairman James Bullard. whether to support further policy rate hikes or not If observed from the US inflation outlook in May, it may remain stable above 8% because the latest crude oil price has stabilized. $117 per barrel close to March Which was higher than April’s swing around $105 per barrel. They also have to keep an eye on the labor sector figures such as non-farm payrolls and the unemployment rate. Will it adjust down or not when inflation is likely to remain stable at a high level?

Therefore, the research department estimates that the market has already heard of the Fed news. When the market is more relaxed, it will also support the gold price to continue swinging within the range. 1,820-1,875$/oz If during the week the price of gold does not fall below 1,820$/oz, gradually buy and accumulate.