Gloria Hidalgo visits the Association of Neighbors of the Neighborhood of San Francisco – Morón Information

The Popular Party candidate for mayor of Morón de la Frontera, Gloria Hidalgo, has been received by the San Francisco Neighborhood Association.

As explained by the PP in a press release, “in the meeting held with part of the Board of Directors of the AA.VV., the popular mayor was able to find out in detail the long journey that one of the associations has made since its foundation historical neighborhoods of Morón and that currently continues to be a true backbone of its neighborhood and our town”, since, as its president has expressed, it “is open to everyone”.


In this sense, the note ensures that “people from the neighborhood itself or from other areas of Morón enjoy a wide variety of activities organized throughout the year and disinterestedly by a Board of Directors that is involved in the day to day with its neighbors”. Among them, “all kinds of workshops, dance classes, dance, etc.” stand out, or the third edition of the Torrijas Contest, a gastronomic event that begins to consolidate in Lent in our town.

On the other hand, the PP indicates that “this meeting has also served for Gloria Hidalgo to learn first-hand about some deficiencies that the residents of San Francisco have been experiencing in her neighborhood and that, for the most part, have to do with accessibility problems and with the lack of parking, in addition to the scarce leisure offer for young people, given the insufficient use that is made of the premises set up for it in the Parque de la Huerta del Hospital”.
These deficiencies “are aggravated given the location of the Health Center and the Emergency Service, which means that many people have to face these circumstances on a daily basis.” For this reason, “and given the firm commitment to improving accessibility in Morón de la Frontera in which the Popular Party has been working, Gloria Hidalgo has shown herself to be especially sensitive to the situation and has made herself available to the neighbors to collaborate with the Government Team in the search for solutions that have been in demand for too long”.

Photo: PP