Gloria Trevi was left ‘naked’ in full concert (+VIDEO) | Showbiz 123

Barbara Chirino / @barbarachirino

If something that the Mexican singer usually does, Gloria Treviis controversial and offers good shows, however, in a recent concert that he offered as part of his tour “Divine Island” his wardrobe played a trick on him.

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While the Mexican was singing “Free hair” she suffered a mishap with her skirt that apparently tore and as she moved it fell off, no matter how much she wanted to hold it, the skirt fell and showed a little more than it should, a situation that was immediately resolved by one of her dancers.

Many would think that Trevi would be ashamed of what happened, but the interpreter of “Everyone look at me” He decided to joke about it and between laughs he tried to accommodate his skirt while the audience shouted euphoric. “We are already in Isla Divina” the singer stated.