Glorious Comeback at Hall H: Marvel Returns to Comic-Con After 3 Years!

The numbers in the cinema charts have been on the right track towards normality for months. And as has now become known, we can look forward to another return to normality: Marvel Studios returns to San Diego Comic-Con!

After not appearing there in the last three years, they are returning to the legendary Hall H this year. This became known through a virtual press conference Thor – Love and Thunderwo Marvel Studios-Boss Kevin Feige himself confirmed the return.

You look forward to it. The last time you were there was three years ago and almost all the films you talked about at the time, including Thor – Love and Thunder, had been published in the meantime. We are excited and will talk about the future.

What exactly do you think about Marvelfan can look forward to is not yet known. Feige had recently hinted at the next big saga of the MCU and promised that it would become much clearer in the next few months where the journey would go. References to this can already be found in all recent and current publications.

What is most likely is that we will be expecting news on the panel about the upcoming films that would be there Black Panther – Wakanda Forever, Ant-Man and the Wasp – Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Captain Marvel 2 – The MarvelS. Rumor has it that only a trailer will be presented. Here shines Black Panther – Wakanda Forever most obvious.

It is also not improbable that the opportunity will be taken to create something new Fantastic Four and Blade to announce. It would certainly make the hall tremble if you saw the four actors of the Fantastic Four will announce and bring to the stage.

One can certainly hope for announcements of completely new films and possible sequels. This probably depends on how far Marvel in their presentation for the future.

To increase the anticipation, here is a legendary video from Hall H, which is also almost ten years old. Many of you may know it, but somehow it never gets boring to look at.