GLP says no to Chantal Galladé – and nominates Benno Scherrer


GLP says no to Chantal Galladé – and nominates Benno Scherrer for the government council elections

The decision of the GLP general meeting was clear. This also has to do with the fact that there are already enough Winterthurers on the government council.

Benno Scherrer and Chantal Galladé both tried to convince the GLP general meeting.

A. Wey/Keystone

The GLP has nominated Benno Scherrer as a candidate for the government council elections on February 12, 2023. The 57-year-old vocational school teacher and secondary school president from Uster clearly prevailed against ex-SP national councilor Chantal Galladé at the party’s general meeting on Tuesday evening. The decision for Scherrer was clear with 147 votes to 37 with 4 abstentions. Scherrer has been a member of the cantonal council since 2007, and he chaired it in 2021/22.

The former SP national councilor Chantal Galladé was also proposed to the party members for selection by the board. The 49-year-old from Winterthur switched to GLP after resigning from the National Council in February 2019. She will work as full-time school president in Winterthur until the end of the school year.

GLP avoids «anti-Winterthur reflex»

Since Jacqueline Fehr (SP), Natalie Rickli (SVP) and Martin Neukom (Greens), three incumbent members of the Winterthur government council are standing for re-election, Galladé’s election could have led to a Winterthur majority in the government council. A party member therefore warned at the meeting of an impending “anti-Winterthur reflex” in the election campaign if the GLP ran with Galladé.

Another meeting participant spoke out in favor of Galladé because it is much better known and therefore has better chances of being elected. An application to send both candidates standing for selection into the race also had no chance.

Six of the seven previous government councilors have already announced that they will stand again in 2023. Mario Fehr (independent) has not yet commented on this. The first ballot will take place on February 12, 2023.