GNB seized war material after confrontation in Tumeremo

GNB seized war material after confrontation with criminal group in Tumeremo

The Bolivarian National Guard seized war material to the structured organized crime group El Run, after an armed confrontation in the Agua Fría sector of the parish Tumeremo, in the Sifontes municipality of Bolívar state.

In a preliminary report by the military body on the events, it was reported that two Ak-47 rifles were seized, one Ruger and the other M-16. But it was not indicated whether there were subjects killed or detained.

The information was published in Twitter the rescuer Delmiro de Barrio.

He said that, in addition, the military seized 11 Ak 7.62 × 39 rifle magazines; 2 magazines for 5.56 × 45 caliber rifle; 305 cartridges 7.62 × 39; 56 cartridges 5.56 × 45; and 1 M-14 grenade.

Also seized 1 Toyota Fortuner, license plate AA659WT, black; 1 Ford FX4 pickup, license plates A07AE4F, silver; three Suzuki-brand four-wheeled motorcycles, without visible plates or serial numbers, and three motorcycles without plates.

The procedure, assured De Barrio, was notified to the Public Ministry.

The Bolivarian National Guard reported on November 18 the arrest of a member of the El Run gang. The capture was achieved during a procedure in Tumeremo, in which they seized a pistol-type firearm with a 13-round magazine, 28 7.62 × 39-millimeter rounds and 6 7.65-millimeter rounds.

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