“Go look after the children”

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Chaos in the League, De Laurentiis to a female manager: “Go look after the children”

Aurelio De Laurentiis – Photo Antonio Fraioli

“She is incompetent, go home to look after the children”. He would use this sexist phrase the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, this afternoon against one League manager. At the beginning of the meeting in the lounge of a hotel in Milan, Viola Fabri, Chief Operating Financial Officer of the League, raised a problem related to non-fulfillment by Napoli, related to a footballer. According to what reported byYearsa, De Laurentiis replied by turning to the woman with harsh tones. “The president does not remember the episode and does not remember having offended anyone ”, leaks from circles close to De Laurentiis.


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