Go Vacation: the Wii party-game announced on Switch by Bandai Namco, it feels good holidays


Go Vacation , does that remind you of something ? No ? Yet, this is a game released in 2011 on Wii , which then plunged us on an island full of activities, to realize alone or in multiplayer. Far from being a critical success or media, the title will yet return to the front of the scene with a portage.

Bandai Namco decided to give a new youth to the experience, with a Go Vacation this time planned on Switch . In the program of the portage, about fifty mini-games and activities, challenges to be realized alone, in cooperation or in competition with up to four players, on a single Switch or in local game . The possibilities of the console and Joy-Con will be used as much as possible, for example with motion detection for tennis or snowball throwing.
All mini-games will be available on the island Kawawii , an open world to explore on foot, on horseback, by cart or other . We will have the opportunity to discover collectibles, places to take pictures, our own villa, elements to increase our level and unlock elements of personalization, and many other surprises. If you like light environments, Go Vacation will disembark on Switch on July 27, 2018 .

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