Saudi team

Saudi team

The 19-year-old Saudi crowned the Asian Cup with a 2-1 victory over South Korea in their final match on Sunday.

Green scored by Turki Al-Ammar in the second minute and Khalid Al-Ghannam in the 22nd minute. Cheung-wook scored South Korea's goal in the 63rd minute.

The Saudi team will qualify for the 2019 World Cup, which will be held in Poland, once it reached the semi-finals of the Asian Championship, after beating Australia 3 goals in the quarterfinals.

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The Saudi team needed 26 years to win the third Asian title, which was close to the last version when they qualified for the final against Japan, but lost the penalty shootout.

The Saudi team won the title twice, the first in 1986, when he beat his Bahraini brother 2-0 in the final, and the second in 1992, when he won the final against Korea Republic 2-0.

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