God of War (2018) Test: A Technical and Narrative PS4 Milestone (with Video Review)


If Imitiation is the highest form of worship, then Santa Monica Studio has to love games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Darksiders 2 and Diablo 3. Because God of War 2018 shows in the test massively inspired by such titles , The result is a gorgeous action game that does not bring any real innovations, but uses the familiar gameplay cocktail in a masterful way to tell a surprisingly emotional and rousing story about a father and his son. The emotional action is likely to inspire old fans of the series – if this to overlook the changes in camera perspective and combat system and arrange for a slow start to the 25-hour PS4 adventure. More about the playful and narrative goodness of God of War in the video review with scenes from the PS4 Pro version:

08:15 God of War (2018) test video: The new old Kratos

God of War (2018): Test for the Northmen butcher orgy

God of War has – surprise – a rousing story that arouses real feelings. Who would have expected this after the Hack & Slay past of the series?

Source: PC Games

The latest series part for Sony’s Playstation 4 puts an end to ancient Greece as a backdrop for the thrilling monster battles – this time you’re in the Nordic climes including Thor, Midgard Serpent and Ragnarok. The story of God of War begins modestly and personally, but then comes after a few hours powerful rolling and takes you on a wild ride through the myth world. But bald Kratos actually wanted to retire and hang the Chaos Blades on the nail. In the years since the end of God of War 3 Our dearest screaming head even left a beard, found a wife and laughed at a son. But the happy ending is denied by the tragic events persecuted father of the family and together with son man Atreus Kratos once again has to embark on a great adventure, although the old bones are now quite rotten.

At its core, God of War tells ( buy now for 59,99 € ) a profound story about the relationship between Kratos and the boy. The complicated father-son relationship leaves room for emotional moments, drama – and yes, humor too. Fortunately, Atreus turns out to be an interesting character that complements Kratos’ abilities and seldom quivers. The other representatives of the numerically manageable figure wars also contribute something important to the narration and are also excellently set in both the English original and in the German translation. Along with the magical God of War soundtrack by Bear McCreary and the fabulous Staging without camera cut and charging time This results in a top atmosphere that is currently unparalleled, whether on the PS4 or elsewhere. Amazing, but true: God of War is a story highlight and offers an adult, nuanced plot that surprises and thrills!

The new battle system of God of War Compared to earlier series parts like God of War 3, the combat system has also changed. The movements are a bit less hectic than in the predecessor, but also more realistic. A touch of Dark Souls has arrived in God of War 2018: Strategic blocking with the new shield, the Dodge roll and the automatic focus on the opponent (“Lock on” function) are reminiscent of From Software’s gritty action role-playing game. But in the God of War release 2018, there are also differences to Dark Souls. So Kratos can throw his ax at distant opponents and call back at the touch of a button. If he does not have the hatchet in hand, Kratos deals punches with his bare fists. Later, a second weapon is added and Atreus spits the enemies with arrows at the push of a button. Thanks to excellent animations and good legibility of the opponents, you can gnaw your way through the monster hordes after a short time of getting used to it. The level of difficulty is demanding on the second of four levels, but not as brutal as in Dark Souls, and you can always switch between the three degrees of hardness. Difficulty number four unlocks after a single play-through and you can select it in a second round, but God of War does not offer a classic New Game Plus , Fair: With a lot of patience and perfect command of the combat system, you can also send dust to those opponents who nominally have a higher character level than Kratos. We prepare ourselves for the inevitable release of a Youtube video, in which a player plays through the whole game only with the initial armor – controlled by dance mat ,

Which of the mighty rune attacks Kratos uses, you are allowed to decide by using other jewels in his ax.

Source: PC Games

The Boss battles of God of War 4, most of the blood flows; as brutal as in the predecessors but it is no longer.

Source: PC Games

Even though the fights are wonderfully intense overall and feel wonderful with the gamepad in hand, there is a small flaw. Because the narrow field of view of God of War disturbs in the long run; The camera hangs so close to Kratos that you rely on the colored arrows to react in time to enemies behind the Spartan. If you do not need this ad, you can turn it off as well as the life bars of the enemies in the menu. Boss fights are of course part of God of War and the newest part also offers some big chunks, some of them even completely optional. However, the bosses despite some impressive size by far not as impressive as in God of War 3. The new series part is obviously difficult to surpass the grandiose spectacle of slaughtering the gods from its predecessor. If you expect an action-packed firework display from minute one that makes your jaw drop down, you should be a little disappointed.

Even in terms of degree of violence, the new God of War can not keep up with predecessors like Part 3. Red blood is flowing (especially with bigger opponents and bosses) and there are hearty takedowns to fill Kratos’ anger display and then activate the particularly powerful fury mode for a few seconds. But Gore fans in God of War miss severed body parts and guts that are torn out, and most standard opponents only lose blue or orange fluids instead of real blood, even if Kratos crashes his head in a finisher. Either way, God of War has rightly become an Ab-18 game with a red USK seal, and the hit feedback is satisfyingly “mushy”. The issue of violence raised in the God of War (2018) test will be discussed in the video below. advertisement: God of War (2018) order now at Amazon next page next page

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04:04 God of War (2018): No red blood, but uncut? The violence in the PS4 game


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