God of War is shaping up to be Game of the Year, along with Red Dead Redemption 2. Play Station has had an incredible year in terms of video game Exclusive The first mentioned title will not only stay there, but you can also get to know it thoroughly in a new comic book.

So is, Dark Horse Comics works in a graphic novel that will tell the adventures prior to videogame of PS4. Sony He put forward a couple of sheets on his official website, as well as a letter from the person responsible for the project.

" I have always loved the stories that lead the characters from one setting, era or gender to another (samurai warriors in the old West, cowboys in the African jungle, etc.). The narrative possibilities of taking a character like Kratos to face the kind of obstacles that can be found in a world full of ice giants and trolls intrigued me too much to not accept", comments one of the writers of Dark Horse Comics, Chris Roberson.

" At the same time I was intimidated by facing a character so recognizable and established, and participate in a franchise with such a large background and scope. From the beginning it was clear that what Santa Monica Studios and Dark Horse Comics had in mind was a direct prequel to the events of the new game that had to maintain continuity, and I knew from other experiences in similar projects that this meant taking into account many variables", ends.

The same team of God of War developers collaborated with material and documentation. Even the same director of the title held conversations with those in charge of the comic.

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