God of War: What happened so far - we'll tell you the story

God of War: What happened so far - we'll tell you the story

Table of Contents The fate of Kratos – the successful leader of the dreaded Spartans – takes its course as he faces death one day. For a barbarian king is on the verge of murdering him, whereupon Kratos Ares – the god of war – begs for help. Ares agrees and gives Kratos the legendary, extremely powerful Chaos Blades. In return, however, Kratos must put his life in the service of Ares. And he does – with full engagement and increasing cruelty. His war-madness even goes so far that, out of blind rage, he causes a massacre in the temple of the goddess Athena (the eternal rival of Ares). The tragedy: Even his beloved wife Lysandra and his sweet daughter Kalliope fall victim to his bloodlust. Rise of a legend Kratos, devastated by his cruel deeds, has been plagued with constant nightmares ever since and is eager to break the bleeding off with Ares. But this calls the three Furies on the scene, the chains of Spartan later in a kind of antique high-security prison in chains (God of War ( buy now for 59,99 € ) : Ascension). Worse, they manipulate his thoughts and make him vegetate in a world of illusions. But Kratos is lucky in misfortune, because at some point he meets Orcus. The so-called Oath-keeper – an outcast son of Ares – leads him to the oracle of Delphi, which gives him pure wine and opens his eyes.

To experience the saga chronologically, you should start with God of War: Ascension, which is staged as a prequel to the first part.

Source: Sony

After countless hardships, Kratos finally manages to escape from his dream world and kill the Furies, first Megaira, then Tisiphone and Alekto. The problem: The bleeding with Ares can only be definitively broken if he kills Orcus. Kratos hesitates first, but then proceeds (because Orkus wants it himself) to action. But even this murder brings no improvement. On the contrary, his visions of the temple massacre only become even stronger – even though at this point he is no longer bound to Ares. Restless from one battle to the next Eaten by mental torture and hoping one day but still find salvation, then Kratos is almost ten years in the service of the gods, especially Athena. That promises him all-encompassing healing – as long as Kratos pushes back the arson hordes of Ares. What follows is the plot of the very first God of War. Kratos whines his teeth, fighting his way through besieged Athens

This scene from a promotional clip was first aired as part of the US Superbowl and shows how happy Kratos must have felt before he was duped by Ares.

Source: Sony

and learns from the oracle that only the Pandora’s box – or rather the weapon in it – can bring about Ares’s death. Stupid for Kratos: Just before he can open the fabled chest, Ares kills him with a flying stake and sends him in this way into the underworld, the so-called Hades. But Kratos is carved out of hard wood and finds a way back into the mortal world. Once there, he finally manages to gain possession of Pandora’s rifle – whereupon he mutates into a giant with godlike powers and defeated Ares in a nerve-racking boss fight. The crux this time: Although Athena forgives his deeds, but they can not free him from his cruel visions. Kratos finally resigns and plunges from a steep cliff into the sea. Of course, Athena does not want to endorse his suicide, intervening at the last moment and then promoting him to the new god of war. At war with the gods God of War 2 starts where the original game ends: Kratos has come to terms with his role as the god of war and rages throughout Greece, even more cruelly than Ares before him. The gods, especially Athena, are increasingly concerned and warn him. Kratos, however, does not want to know about such teachings and rather attacks the coastal town of Rhodes with his Spartans instead. Hardly there

If you want to experience part three in the best possible quality, take a look at the PS4 remaster from 2015. In addition to the visual enhancements, the photo mode is particularly impressive here.

Source: media agency plassma

Once arrived, something strange happens: A giant eagle soars, deprives Kratos of much of his strength and brings to life the colossus of Rhodes – a bronze statue over 30 meters high. Kratos rages with anger, accuses Athena of betrayal, but does not suspect at this time that it is actually Zeus, who led him into the light. The Perfidy: In order to destroy the colossus, Zeus offers him even the blade of Olympus – a special weapon, which only works when the god of war transmits all his strength to the weapon and thus gives his immortality. After the metal giant is defeated, Zeus appears and demands full submission. Kratos refuses. Zeus then has no choice but to brutally crush Kratos. And his loyal Spartans? Must also believe in it. Arrived in the realm of the dead, Kratos receives unexpected support from earth mother Gaia, because she also wants to overthrow Zeus. With Gaias help

Hardly any series part offers such a high density of crazy boss fights as God of War 2. Here an octopus is being processed into sushi.

Source: Sony

Kratos soon returns to the realm of the living to visit the so-called moires. The fate goddesses, according to Gaias plan, could help the Spartan travel back in time and reverse Zeus’ betrayal. And so it happens. On the back of the flying horse Pegasus, Kratos sets out in search of the moors. Before his journey ends on the Isle of Creation, however, he must first wrest from Typhon a magical arc, release Prometheus from endless torments, duel with Theseus, Perseus and Icarus and pay a visit to the Titan Atlas. In between, he also meets Athena, who strongly discourages him from making common cause with the Titans and rebelling against the gods. Fate fate Finally arrived in the moire fortress, Kratos is stunned. Because Lachesis, Atropos and Klotho do not want to change his predestined thread of destiny. For Kratos, of course, this is not an option, which is why he challenges all three in battle, kills and takes his fate in this way – in the truest sense of the word – even in the hand. He manipulates the time so that he can once again oppose Zeus in Rhodes. The result? Sure, another monumental boss fight ensues. But just at the moment when Kratos wants to blow out the life-lights of the god-father, Athena intervenes to save Zeus – and thus the Olympus. Dying, she reveals to Kratos that Zeus is really his father. The Spartan does not want to admit this and soon after decides to eradicate all the other gods on Mount Olympus. The means to an end is, of course, the thread of destiny. Once again, Kratos changes the precious thread and teleportes back into the Titanomachy, the time when the gods and gods waged war for eleven years.

All six God of War games, including the HD versions of Part One and Two, as well as the HD PS3 implementations of the two PSP offshoot, are now available on Playstation Now.

Source: Sony

His plan now is obvious: He persuades Gaia and the rest of the Titans to join in his time to defeat Zeus and his remaining followers. Quote from Kratos: “Together we will kill the lower gods!” And that goes straight to God of War 3, which ties in almost seamlessly with the events just outlined. The final chapter of the God of War saga begins with a lengthy, epic staged fight with Poseidon. The god of the sea fights bravely, but can hardly do anything about Kratos’ unbridled hatred and dies, resulting in torrential floods seconds later. When Kratos reaches the top of Mount Olympus, Zeus is next on the kill list. But he bundles all his strength, smashes Kratos with a lightning lance and sends him once more into the underworld. Lucky for Kratos: After an involuntary detour to the river Styx (losing much of his strength), the spirit of Athena suddenly appears and gives him the sound of exile. Thus equipped, Kratos continues his vendetta and initially eliminates Hades himself. Later, Sun God Helios, messenger of the god Hermes, half brother Hercules and the god of fire, Hephaestus, have to believe it.

Pandora’s rifle again As part of his blood-dripping vendetta, Kratos also learns that the Pandora’s box still exists – and thus probably

Hephaistos – God of Fire from God of War 3 – does not yet know what a painful fate awaits him. (

Source: media agency plassma

also the only weapon that could kill Zeus. Problem in the matter: The chest is now protected by the flame of Olympus. To go through the latter would mean certain death. Unless you are the lovely Pandora – stupidly held captive in a maze. Of course, Kratos does not hesitate a long time, freeing Pandora and bringing her to the chest where Zeus comes to showdown. The two duel bitterly, which gives Pandora the time to extinguish the flame of Olympus. When Kratos finally opens the box, he is amazed: The chest is completely empty. Further duels with Zeus follow – which cost the life of Gaia among others and nearly destroy him as well. The only good news: Shortly before Kratos comes to an end, he dives into his subconscious and realizes that even then Athene sealed not only bad things in Pandora’s rifle, but also good things, more precisely: hope. Only now Kratos realizes: He can only win this fight if he finally forgives himself for what he did to his family. So Kratos does just that, creating new power and finally giving the rest to Zeus.

The anger and determination to take revenge on the gods of Olympus, Kratos are literally written not only in God of War 3 in the face.

Source: media agency plassma

However, the story is not quite over, because now comes again to Athena and asks Kratos to give her the power of hope. Kratos, however, is reluctant to accept this idea, which is why he addresses himself with the blade of Olympus and thus transmits hope back to humanity. Athena, on the other hand, is completely perplexed, does not trust her eyes and roars that people know “not to do anything with such a power anyway”. A last vicious insult, then she pulls the sword from his stomach and walks away. And Kratos? Lying quietly on the ground, enveloped by an ever-growing pool of blood. The credits set in and leaves the viewer back puzzle. As soon as the credits have scrolled across the screen, the camera shows the scene again. However, Kratos’ body is no longer visible – just a meter long blood trail that leads to the adjacent cliff. God of War for the PS4: What we know so far about the story Anyone who wonders how developer Sony Santa Monica bridges the content of the new God of War, which is well-known in the world of Norse mythology, should take a closer look at God of War’s official YouTube channel. This is especially true for two of the videos published there. The first is from E3 2017, named “A Special God of War Performance – A Saga of Borne of Ash” and is basically a real-time, ever-changing piece of art made of sand. Here you can learn more about the relationship between Kratos and his new love from the north. The second video is part of the official video and podcast series

Kratos looks at the veiled corpse of his deceased wife Faye. She was apparently the one who bequeathed him the magical Leviathan ax.

Source: Sony

“The Lost Pages of Norse Myth” and is called “The First Great War”. Here we learn more about the history and important figures of Norse mythology. If you add all puzzle pieces together and complete them with impressions from the last hands-on event, this results in a very plausible story framework. Accordingly, Kratos travels (from still unexplained cause) in the far north and meets there in a forest on a pretty woman, who is in possession of an ax. Both fall in love and father a son named Atreus. Faye (the name of the mother so far) gives her boy a bow, but then dies one day. Which brings us back to hands-on material. For here is confirmed that Faye is already dead at the beginning of the game. For the cause of death, the developers reveal no details, but to their last will. It is said that Kratos and Atreus burn them to bury their ashes on the summit of the highest mountain in the Nordic world. But barely on the move, they face more and more increasingly strong enemies in the way, including zombie-like Draugr, dangerous trolls and an almost overpowering stranger. At least now knows Kratos: He is in the world of Odin, Thor and Co. definitely not welcome. Not least because his bad reputation has long since preceded him.

Keyword Odin: The highest god of the north seems – so at least the “The First Great War” video – to be obsessed with an imminent end of the world, the so-called Ragnarok. So he lets the dwarves Brok and Sindri forge a particularly powerful war hammer called Mjölnir, gives it to his son Thor and orders him to kill all the giants he can find. What does Kratos have to do with it? Maybe more than he likes, because there is some evidence that there is some between Kratos’ wife Faye and Odin’s exiled wife Freya

How the background stonemason could have come to death, revealed among other things, the “The Lost Pages of Norse Myth” videos on the official YouTube channel of God of War.

Source: Sony

Connection existed. In addition, we already know for sure that Kratos’s Leviathan Ax was also forged by Brok and Sindri. But where did Faye get the ax from? Did she receive the weapon of Freya, with a request to pass it on to a worthy warrior, who thrusts Odin from the throne? After all, since the first great war Odin has thousands of Freya compatriots on their conscience. Or is Faye actually Freya? That would mean that Kratos after his return from Greece had a relationship with Odin’s ex-wife? Granted, many of the latter points are pure speculation based on the facts presented. However, they provide material for a compelling story. Which theory do you have? Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta

In addition to the God of War episodes for the Playstation home consoles, there are also two titles released for the Playstation Portable.

Source: Sony

If you want to experience the career of Kratos in all its facets, you can not help but play the two top-class PSP offshoots. It starts with the God of War: Chains of Olympus, released in March 2008. Located after Ascension and before the first God of War, the adventure tells of Kratos’ fight against Persephone. Namely, the goddess of the realm of the dead is planning to bring down the pillar of the world – and thus the Olympus as well. So Kratos sets off to prevent that. He meets his daughter Kalliope in the realm of the dead.

But the meeting is short-lived, because Persephone is unstoppable. All this provides plenty of action and culminates in a spectacular showdown that brings down Persephone and chains Atlas to the Roof of the Underworld. Two and a half years later – more precisely in November 2010 – God of War appears: Ghost of Sparta. The game focuses on the events between part one and two and kidnaps Kratos to Atlantis. There he wants to learn more about his past, in the hope that this would ease his terrible visions. However, when he meets his mother Callisto and learns from him that his brother Deimos is still alive and tortured by Thanatos (the god of death), the story takes a tragic turn. In other words, just before Kratos kills Thanatos, he transforms into a black creature and pulls Deimos away. Kratos is shocked, ponders whether he should commit suicide, but then decides to hold the numerous other gods in Olympus accountable for their actions. The foundation stone for part two has been laid. advertisement: God of War (2018) order now at Amazon


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