Godzilla and King Kong are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

the seasonal campaign Operation Monarch just started on call of duty war zone. from May 11 to May 25, players will have to join forces this time to overcome titans, and there will be helicopter compaction on the menu! Contrary to what the pictures or the trailer in the countryside, rey kong y Godzilla they are on the side of the players (Protector Titans)… up to a certain point: if the latter are too “heated up” by the destructive Titans or by other players, they can let their anger flare up and destroy everything in their path!

Between Kong’s massive panards and Godzilla’s destructive breath, players will be put to the test, but it will be possible to direct this fury towards enemy teams thanks to the SCREAM device. Parts of this campaign take place on the Caldera map, and you can gather up to 60 players divided into 4 teams.