Goedele Liekens gives critics a lot after comments about her figure

Recently, sexologist and politician Goedele Liekens received quite a bit of comment on a photo she shared of herself in a bathing suit. Followers commented that they thought the TV personality, who had just been declared cancer-free for a year, was “bony thin” and that she could eat a little more. On Saturday evening, Liekens gives them a cookie of their own dough.

Sunday 26 June 2022 at 12:54 pm

She posts a photo of herself in a restaurant with a huge hamburger and chips in front of her. She gives the camera a thumbs up. And with an emoji of a smiley sticking out his tongue, she captioned it: “Did someone say I’m not eating enough? Tasty!”

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Her witty post can count on much praise. Many compliment her on her radiant appearance and advise her to ignore all the previous comments anyway. One Sandra, for example, writes: “Let them talk, dear one. After everything you’ve been through.”

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