“Going far” expects the Constitutional Court to rule on “8 years” Prime Minister for no more than a month, warning if it does not correspond to the facts Conflict

On August 13, 1965, Mr. Nattawut Buapratum, member of the list of MPs And the deputy leader of the Kao Klai Party (กว.) gave an interview about the submission of the Constitutional Court to interpret the eight-year term of office as Prime Minister through the Speaker of the House of Representatives on August 17 that the opposition parties are still discussing to collect opinions and write a petition It is expected to be completed in time for August 17 to submit before Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha will complete his eight-year term in office on August 23 to request the Constitutional Court to stop performing duties. because we do not want conditions until affecting the administration of state affairs and the use of various budgets

When asked how long the Constitutional Court expects to take the decision, Mr. Nuttawut said that this is a legal issue, not a factual issue like other cases. If the Constitutional Court deems that the petition is complete and complete, it may issue a temporary protection order. With various details, the opposition coalition will include a memorandum of the intentions of the 2017 constitution drafters that have been revealed during this period. Including the comments of Mr. Mechai Ruchuphan, former chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) and Mr. Supot Kaimuk, former vice chairman of the CDC, we therefore expect the Constitutional Court to take time to consider Diagnosis does not exceed 1 month, because if it takes a long time to consider will affect the administration of the state

“The issue of interpreting the succession may not be over by August. If the Prime Minister remains in office But a time bomb can happen if you don’t resign at the right time. and if the Constitutional Court considers inconsistent with the facts and general principles of law It may lead to conflicts,” said Mr. Nuttawut.