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Going on vacation by plane: all you need to know

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The summer holidays are here and some travelers organize their departure by plane. Some measures have been taken to make the Covid process easier. The sanitary pass will be examined when your baggage is checked in. Likewise, you can perform your PCR or antigen test at Brussels Airport.

Traveling in times of Covid requires some organization. Arnaud Feist, Deputy Director of Brussels Airport, was Fabrice Grosfiley’s 7:50 guest on Bel RTL. It details the measures taken to travel by plane safely as the number of passengers has risen sharply compared to other months of the past year.

Sanitary measures

Many measures have been taken to ensure health security at Brussels Airport: in particular hydroalcoholic gels, respect for social distancing. “Access to the terminal is limited to passengers only, explains Arnaud Feist. There are also tents outside the departures hall which allow people to line up outside in case there are too many people inside.

Health pass

From 1is July, the famous European health pass comes into effect everywhere in Europe. This is the application CovidSafe. The airline company will check this document at baggage check-in: “The certificate is really important for restarting activities and for facilitating European travel.

It is necessary to count this additional time there. “The check-in process will take a little longer because it will be necessary to check the specific Covid travel documents.“So arrive at least 2 hours before your flight.

We risk having to face difficult situations where people will not be able to board because they will not have the necessary documents. We give as much information as possible on our website, among other things, but it is very important that people check what documents they need according to the destination to which they are flying.”

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The information can be found on the website of the ministry of the country concerned. If you are going to France, for example, the information documents can be found at government.fr/info-coronavirus/. In Spain, on the government site mscbs.gob.es. In Italy, you will find the necessary information at italia.it/en/informations-utiles/

Get tested at the airport

A test center has also taken place at Brussels Airport. Getting tested a few hours before takeoff is therefore now possible. “There is a test center and a laboratory at the airport. So we can get tested quickly. There are normal PCR tests where you get results in less than 24 hours. There are rapid PCR tests where you get the results in 3-4 hours. Recently, we also have antigenic tests where we have the result in less than an hour. So it is quite possible to be tested at the airport on the day of your departure.

Antigen tests are now accepted in most European countries, but you still need to find out country by country to avoid any surprises.. The results take between 30 minutes and an hour to arrive.

However, it is better to book your test to avoid waiting long hours, and risk missing your plane. “You can arrive without an appointment, but it is still strongly recommended to make a reservation so as not to have to wait. We have noticed in recent days that a lot of people come without a reservation and the queues are necessarily getting longer. Do the most online, there is a way to pay online to ensure a fast process when you take the test. “

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Taking your test 3 hours before takeoff is therefore possible.

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