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Going through divorce, depression, issues for teenagers? How do you want to work – over maternity leave


Maternity leave is normally based in the workplace. But can women get free time or flexibility if they are going through a divorce? Or suffering from post-partum depression? Or do they have big issues with their teenagers?

Recently founder Know Your Value, Mika Brzezinski, recently founded the author and gender strategies Joan Kuhl to discuss how women can meet needs outside the office, over maternity leave.

“All these things are women’s realities that they never think they will ever have,” said Mika Brzezinski, founder of Know Your Value.

Kuhl is the author of “Dig Your Heels In: Navigate BS Corporate and Build the Company you deserve.” She said that women have time off or flexibility going if they are going through a difficult period, and that the management to respect their needs.

“We need to accept and support the fact that we need extra resources for what is happening at home,” said Kuhl. “Because we are happier and happier we are at home, the better and more productive we are working.” T

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Kuhl said that some companies are increasing. For example, the financial services corporation Deloitte provides transitional training to employees after maternity leave.

But sometimes women need to ask managers what they need.

“The workplace is not always ready for this conversation,” said Kuhl. “So getting into this conversation, think about what you need. Sometimes we are ready to seek something, but we do not know what we want. “

Brzezinski suggested speaking honestly to managers, but carefully.

“I know CEO after CEOs are fantastic companies who want to know what you need,” Brzezinski said. “You don’t have to go there. But you need to enter into it with a strategy … Give them a little knowledge, not enough, the whole thing, and you get what you need. “

Brzezinski and Kuhl said that women should use their leverage value during these tough talks. Bosses want to keep their best employees.

“If you start to know your value and be aware that you will lose if you are not there and that the business will be affected, this should give you the confidence and confidence to chat,” said Kuhl.

It is important that women follow their network, according to Kuhl. Usually someone else was through the same thing.

“We need to talk to other women who have gone through,” said Kuhl. “You would prefer to go through your company to find a network of women, parents, men and other women, who went through similar steps and asked them ‘what helped you get things together in the home so that you can get things done.’ that you can be together working? ‘”

Brzezinski said that if nothing is available to women in the office over maternity leave, it may be within their power to create change.

“You may be raising awareness and starting something in the company that helps to get flexibility for people who need different types of things to work,” said Brzezinski.


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