Gokov envisions an extraordinary inflation indexation of pensions

From 1 July, the pension for any pensioner will not be reduced. There should be a pension update of 6.1% under Swiss rule, but it does not cover covid supplements. This was stated by the Minister of Social Affairs Georgi Gokov to BNT.

Just over 1 million pensioners receive the minimum pension, but all this is a consequence of political decisions. The payment of pensions starts today, he specified.


The office with an Easter basket for pensioners and the socially disadvantaged

The 60/40 measure is extended from today until the end of June, although the state of emergency ends on April 1.

Retired retirees also continue to receive the Kovid supplement until June. Nearly a billion and a half have been spent on the covid supplement as well with this money pensions could be increased adequately. Any support for pensioners is not to be neglected and is welcome, Gokov stressed.

He explained that working group makes technical calculations and will continue various options – from covid supplement to be added as an option to the pension as a fixed amount, defined as an anti-inflationary additive. For Gokov, this option is not suitable, but such a recalculation of pensions can be done with the sum of inflation and an increase in average insurance income.

Supplement of BGN 70 for all pensioners for Easter

Supplement of BGN 70 for all pensioners for Easter

Regardless of the amount of the received pension

Gokov pointed out that in the end, the commission will decide which option costs how much. Extraordinary inflation indexation could be envisaged, but it all depends on the decisions of the National Assembly, stressed the Minister of Social Affairs. Gokov noted that if such an option is changed, pensions will be updated from July 1, and then pensions may be recalculated for the last quarter.

Gokov supports the removal of the pension ceiling. He worries that no matter what is done by the end of the year, there will still be dissatisfied retirees.

He insisted that the Easter bonuses be higher, but all pensioners could be paid BGN 70 – that’s how much the budget allowed. For absolutely all retirees will be Easter benefits, assured the Minister of Social Affairs.

Retirees expect everyone to be supported. Gokov is of the opinion that the decision of the government is fair and the decision is the same for all pensioners.

We sent 2021 with record low unemployment

We sent 2021 with record low unemployment

Nearly 2% is the decline in unemployment for the year

Regarding the level of unemployment, Gokov explained that about 5% is unemployment in our country. Unemployment is at record lows. It is due to many other factors and measures are being taken for the low level of unemployment, assured the Minister of Social Affairs.

He denied that the war in Ukraine had led to a drop in unemployment. Georgi Gokov also assured that he would insist on increasing the minimum wage.