Gokulam women’s team wins Asian Championship Gokulam women’s Team

Kozhikode: After the men’s team, the women’s team of Gokulam Kerala FC will also enter the AFC tournament. Indian women’s league champions Gokulam have been selected for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women’s Club Championship.

The tournament runs from October 30 to November 14. Eight teams of Women’s League champions from different countries of Asia are participating. Clubs from Iran, Jordan and Uzbekistan will compete in Group B, which includes Gokul. The venue has not been decided.

The I-League champions Gokulam men’s team are taking part in next year’s AFC Cup. For the first time, the men’s and women’s teams of an Indian club will have the opportunity to participate in AFC tournaments simultaneously.

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has decided to give the Indian women’s champions a chance to compete in the AFC Championship. However, the AIFF postponed the Women’s League to be held in Odisha in the wake of Kovid expecting a third wave and heavy rain. With this, the lot fell to the reigning champions Gokul. Prior to this, the AFC Women’s Championship was held only in 2019. There was no Indian team at that time.

The team will change drastically

Gokulam will leave the Indian Women’s League champions with changes. Nepal superstar Sabitra Bhandari, who played a pivotal role in making Gokul the champions, will not be in the squad this time due to injury. Up to 5 foreign players can play in the AFC tournament. The club has begun talks with foreign players. PV Priya from Kannur will be the head coach of Gokulam.

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