Gold Afrat Al-Shabab Al-Naharadd: Strong increase

The prices of the yellow metal have witnessed a noticeable rise in the past few days in all jewelery shops, and gold is one of the basics for the Egyptian people, and many and many are interested in it moment by moment and all citizens are interested in its prices.

We are keen to monitor you gold prices today in the goldsmiths shops. The gold prices today, Thursday, July 2, 2020, came as follows:


The price per gram of 21 carat gold from 793 and 795 pounds per gram, and this type is the most widely traded.

As recorded, a gram of 18 carat gold from 681 and 683 pounds per gram.

The price per gram of 24 carat gold from 906 and 908 pounds per gram.

Today, the price of a gram of 22 carat gold is about 801 to 803 pounds per gram.


And the gram of gold today, caliber 14, scored about 518 to 520 pounds per gram.

As the price of gold today recorded about 6352 pounds.

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