Home Business Gold prices on Wednesday, 13-2-2019 in Egypt

Gold prices on Wednesday, 13-2-2019 in Egypt

Gold prices settled in Egypt on Wednesday 13-2-2019 with the markets of goldsmith at 644 pounds per gram, in conjunction with the stability of the price of ounces gold at 1312 dollars.

Gold prices in Egypt today are as follows:

Caliber 18: 552 pounds per gram

Caliber 24: 736 pounds per gram

Caliber 21: 644 pounds per gram

The pound gold is 5152 pounds.

Ounce gold $ 1312.

The "seventh day" service to read and follow up with periodic and periodic update to get the prices of all different prices in the gold market in Egypt, gold prices in Egypt are subject to supply and demand and also change with the rise or decline in the global market as well as directly linked to the dollar prices in the market parallel to the dollar and the market Bank.

Gold prices in Egypt may witness some slight variation in the price of different calibrations in different governorates of Egypt. This difference in the price of gold may be 50 piasters or one pound.

Exports of jewelry and precious stones recorded a 31% decline in 2018 to record $ 1.45 billion compared to $ 2.098 billion in 2017.

A report by the Export Control Agency revealed that the UAE is the largest importer of gold and jewels from Egypt in 2018 to record 1.2 billion dollars, a decline of 23% to record 1.6 billion dollars in 2018, and exports of the sector to Switzerland by 72% to record 75 million dollars compared to 268 million Dollars during 2017.

The report pointed out that exports of jewelry and precious stones to Lebanon fell by 28% to record 68 million dollars in 2018 compared to 95 million dollars in 2017, while exports to Turkey fell by 70% to record 33 million dollars compared to 111 million dollars.



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