Gold prices overnight Friday 18-5-2018 Egyptian pounds and the dollar immediate update – urgent video


Gold prices overnight Friday 18-5-2018 Egyptian pounds and the dollar update immediately Al-Nasr newspaper, our valuable followers in the Arab world and in the world we are always keen to provide a leading news content and wonderful and distinguished, we would like to receive the approval of all our followers and our sincere addition to the news from the sources “Al-Nasr Newspaper – the first leader in the Middle East and the world, we offer you the news today, the news of” Gold prices Friday night 18-5-2018 Egyptian pounds and the dollar an immediate update, “which is the news on Friday, 18 May 2018 04:25 am. We offer you this urgent news and we would like to get your admiration to our dear visitors where we publish to you The price of the metal today Friday, May 5, 2018 Egyptian pound and the dollar updated immediately, where it operates price Yellow metal in Egypt For many there is a large category looking eagerly for the average Price of yellow metal On a daily basis, especially those who are new to the passport, or who wants to invest money, and save in the purchase of the yellow metal, and today we will show you through our distinguished “Al-Nasr” medium Prices Yellow metal In the Egyptian market, and we find that last week saw a sharp decline in prices is expected to continue declines in the coming period, where Price of yellow metal Is affected by the global market and prices on the Egyptian stock exchange. It is also expected that the market of the yellow metal in Egypt will stagnate in the coming days, because of the holy month of Ramadan. The prices of the yellow metal Friday, 18-5-2018 If we look at The price of the metal today In the Egyptian market, prices are relatively stable, and the changes that occur are minor changes, whether a fall, a rise or a record The price of one gram is yellow metal 21 caliber today the amount of 648 pounds without the price of workmanship, which usually range between 40:60 pounds, while the price of the yellow metal pound amount of 5184 pounds. Grams of yellow metal The price of metal is now yellow without workmanship Caliber 734 22 673 21 caliber 642 Caliber 18 550 14 428 Caliber 367 Oneness 22.819 The yellow metal pound 5,136 Kg yellow metal 733.714 Today’s metal prices The average price of the yellow metal today is in the goldsmith’s shops We now offer you the average price of workmanship and stamping in the shops of the jewel, ranging from 30 to 65 pounds depending on the type of yellow metal, as well as the difference of the shops of the saga, from one province to another and from one dealer to another, usually represent between 7 to 10% of The price of one gram is yellow metal , And we will through our newspaper Al-Nasr offer a daily update when there is any change in prices. The average price of yellow metal today in Egypt is in US dollars We also offer you an average The price of the yellow metal today In US dollars, in Egyptian bookstores, and the following table shows prices in detail. Unit The price is in Egyptian pounds Price in US $ Gold 24 gauge 734 pounds $ 43.00 22K Gold 673 pounds $ 39.42 Gold 21 gauge EGP 642 $ 37.63 18K Gold EGP 550 $ 32.25 14K Gold 428 pounds $ 25.08 Gold 12 gauge 367 pounds $ 21.50 Gold 9 gauge EGP 276 $ 16.13 Oz yellow metal EGP 22,819 $ 1,337 Yellow metal pounds 5,136 pounds $ 301.01 Kg yellow metal 733.714 pounds $ 43,000 Silver prices today in Egypt Average arrived Price of one gram silver In Egypt today caliber 92.5 the amount of 8.77 pounds, the price is not inclusive of the price of workmanship, we offer you through this table Silver price today In Egyptian pounds And the dollar American, updated by continuing. Caliber Price in Egyptian pounds Price in USD The price of an ounce of silver 292.77 $ 16.58 Caliber 99.9 9.40 0.53 $ 95.8 British silver 9.02 0.51 $ Caliber 92.5 8.71 $ 0.49 Caliber 8.47 $ 0.48 Caliber 80 7.53 $ 0.43 The outlook for the yellow metal in Egypt in the coming period The Egyptian yellow metal market is witnessing a recession during the previous period starting from the first month of April, after an increase The price of one gram is yellow metal To EGP760 for the first time in the Egyptian yellow metal market, and the recession has led to a decline Prices of yellow metal During late April and early May, helped by the stability of the dollar denominated dollar denominated rate in Egyptian banks, because Price of yellow metal Is fully linked to global exchanges, And the US dollar denominated in dollars , The decline is expected to continue Price of the yellow metal in Egypt Until the end of the month of Ramadan, because the period of each year is stagnant in the market of the Egyptian yellow metal, and then moved again during the month of October, especially as with the end of Eid al-Adha accompanied by a large increase in the occasions of engagement, marriage, which leads to move Price of the yellow metal, The increase is expected to increase in Price of yellow metal Between 20 and 35 pounds depending on the gram of the yellow metal. Today’s metal prices Method of purification of yellow metal Newly purified Yellow metal By strong water currents working to remove impurities from yellow metal, due to high density Yellow metal Mercury may also be used in purification Yellow metal Of the impurities by melting and then distillation to get rid of mercury, and there are also after the chemical methods to purify the yellow metal from the impurities after extraction from the ground, but the methods we mentioned are the best and the best way, Beijing is one of the most countries that produce ore Yellow metal With an average of 2.700.000 kg gold per year, followed by Australia and the United States of America. Update: The prices of the yellow metal Friday, 18-5-2018 drop The price of the metal today Friday, 18-05-2018 against the Egyptian pound, where he scored The price of a gram of yellow metal today 24 caliber, 734 Egyptian pounds, 21 caliber 642 Egyptian pounds, 18 pounds 550 Egyptian pounds, Price of yellow metal in Egypt May be slightly lower in the price of the pounds in the governorates of Egypt, may be 50 piasters and may be one pound, and change Price of yellow metal Due to the change in the US Dollar denominated rate in the official banks as well as the barrels of oil and the international exchanges, follow us and more news and details about Price of yellow metal . Please leave a comment with your expectations For the price of the yellow metal During the coming period. We thank you, our followers in the Middle East, the Arab world and the world, Ali Hassan, and we hope that we will be in good shape for you. The price of gold Friday, 18-5-2018 Egyptian pounds and the dollar. Friday, 18-5-2018 Egyptian pound and the dollar update immediately through our newspaper Al-Nasr, Latensua follow-up work “Lake Wechir” through the pages of social networking sites of our site “Al-Nasr – the first leading in the Arab region” to receive new news in a renewed time of occurrence. Source : Egyptian Stars


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