Golden Coast. A meeting to develop local food

On September 19, the 2nd Departmental Food Council was held.
On September 19, the 2nd Departmental Food Council was held. (©: Philippe Bruchot – CD 21)

The Departmental Food Council met this Monday, September 19 in Dijon under the chairmanship of Francois Sauvadet, President of the Côte-d’Or Departmental Council, and Vincent Lavier, President of the Côte-d’Or Chamber of Agriculture. More than 80 food stakeholders, producers, collective catering managers, local authorities, consumers, distributors, etc. took part in this meeting. Objective: to better coordinate local initiatives to develop local foodworking with all the links in the chain.

Logistics problem

Many initiatives are taken in the territories. It is the role of the Department and the Chamber of Agriculture to support them and to accompany the project leaders for a coordinated and coherent action on the scale of the whole territory. The ambition is to further promote the local circuits and to keep the added value in the territories, hence the central question of how to transport the products from the places of production to the places of consumption.

The main obstacle noted to the development of local food being that of the logistics. To make rapid progress on this issue, the department has recruited a logistician.

“We are also studying with the Chronofresh service of the La Poste group an agreement to offer a preferential rate to farmers in Côte-d’Or, a service which could be operational at the start of 2023”, detailed President Sauvadet during this meeting, “determined to explore all avenues to move forward quickly, at a time when our food sovereignty is at stake, as is the challenge of agro-ecological transition. »

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« Un Amazon local »

“Convinced that the main ingredient of eating well is returning to the locality”, President Sauvadet thanked all the participants for their involvement in this project and invited them to continue, together, the work undertaken “to design the Côte-d’Or of tomorrow and develop a local amazon foodknowing that we are lucky to have a diversity of products in our department”.

The Department and the Chamber of Agriculture are already supporting 39 projects throughout the Côte-d’Orien territory, 24 of which include a marketing component, 11 a processing component and 10 a logistics component.

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