Golden Gate receives its first patients this Wednesday

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As of this Wednesday, the Puerta de Oro Events Center will become the Early Care Center for patients with COVID-19 in the Barranquilla District.

In this space, as explained by the Mayor of Barranquilla, patients with mild or moderate symptoms and who are unable to be in their homes during the incubation period of the virus will be received.

The operation and operability will be in charge of MiRed IPS and in the first phase it contemplates the empowerment of 157 beds, which will have oxygen, pharmacy, X-ray, ultrasound and laboratory services.

Through this Early Care Center, which has a capacity of 600 beds of medium and low complexity, the needs of hospital beds that arise in the city due to the crisis of the new coronavirus will be met.

Jaime Pumarejo Heins, mayor of Barranquilla, stressed that the center complies with all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and patients will have – in addition to health care – humanitarian care for their speedy recovery.

“It is great news, in the midst of this pandemic that is hitting the entire world, to have a place in the city with all the comforts that this type of patient requires. Here they will be better than in their residences, avoiding infecting their family and their neighbors, ”said the district president.

In turn, the manager for the crisis of the COVID-19 in Barranquilla, Juan Manuel Alvarado, indicated that this field hospital will also receive older adults, in the midst of the early care strategy for that population.

“Depending on the state of health, the transfer of patients will be defined to improve any negative prognosis and reduce the risk of death,” said the official.

For his part, the manager of MiRed, Romulo Rodado, stressed that “care will be prioritized and with a lot of information between the patient and his family, periodically transmitting images and information about the evolution of their loved ones in waiting areas for family members. dear ones.



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