By winning the award for best comedy, the series on a mother stand-up artist in the 50’s shows that the evolution of mentalities is primarily an intimate adventure.

“It’s the story of a courageous, brilliant and complex woman, and I’m incredibly proud to be part of this adventure, but there are still so many stories of women who need and need to be told.” Still moved to have received, Sunday evening, the Golden Globe of the best actress in a musical series and / or a comedy, Rachel Brosnahan has the sense of the formula. In a particularly accurate sentence, she managed to summarize the subject and ambition of Tea Marvelous Mrs Maisel , the American comedy that has a lot to say fans of series this winter. Offered by the streaming service Amazon Prime, this chronicle that takes place in the 50s is the luxury of being both a beautiful reconstruction time way Mad Men and a series about furiously actual. Wife in the shadow, then alone on stage The brave, bright, and complex woman Rachel Brosnahan is talking about is Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a New Yorker mother of two, who is not lacking in energy or repartee. Married to Joel (Michael Zegen), a man who dreams of becoming a stand up comedian, she sees her little world collapse on the day she understands that the one she has been supporting for several years is poking her valves to confirmed writers. and that he cheats on her with his secretary. Abandoned by her husband, drunk with rage (and a little alcohol, too), Midge goes to Gaslight Cafe, the den of artists in search of recognition. There, she goes on stage before embarking on an improvised number that triggers many laughs in the room. Susie Myerson (Alex Borstein), accustomed to seeing anyone go to do anything in the spotlight, then understands that something is happening rare: the talented artist at Maisel is she and not Joel. Susie will do everything to make Midge’s talent known. To start by convincing the woman, a woman full of spirit but whose head is full of questions. Change is now (but it lasts a long time) After a first episode a little slow, Tea Marvelous Mrs Maisel is quickly emerging as a very nice series on change, particularly effective in its description of situations. The series first sketches a change of era: the women around Midge wonder about the place they are given in their family, their home and their city. But all the intelligence of the series, it is to give life to this context through the trajectory of its main character, in full intimate revolution, like people it crosses. IN IMAGES >> Black dresses on red carpet at Golden Globes 2018 Patiently, Tea Marvelous Mrs Maisel shows that changing one’s life is both tending towards what one is deeply and at the same time detaching oneself from what is part of us. Midge was not necessarily unhappy with Joel (the beginning of episode 4, which stages his move, shows it with great accuracy): his new life, inevitably uncertain, full of choices to make, brings it back constantly to this observation. Until the last episode, which spends all the way traveled by the heroine. Basically, to draw one’s own voice is always to be alone in the face of very personal questions. But that’s what makes it possible to move forward. On an individual basis but also for all those for whom you become a source of inspiration. And this is what the series demonstrates with tenderness, humor (even if we smile more often than we laugh) and humanity. Lovable characters, powerful replicas No wonder: Marvelous Mrs Maisel was born of the imagination of Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, a couple who have become the undisputed duo of episodes ( Gilmore Girls and Bunheads , their previous projects, demonstrate this well). Both have become known through a real sense of dialogue, carried by percussive replicas, sometimes acid but never boring. Just listen to Imogene, Midge’s best friend, in a gym class to convince herself: “Divorced women come here to stay in shape and find a new husband … or to be pretty when the law clerk finds out their death, only at home “. This kind of replicas, we count in each episode packets and all the characters have a way of their own to be funny or touching. In particular, Midge’s parents (Tony Monk Shalhoub and Marin My uncle Charlie Hinkle) A scent of nostalgia, but no backwardness More importantly, the series combines a beautiful energy and a singular ability to observe the months that flee. Yes, times change. But it’s not because we do not really know what the future will look like and the questioning is necessary, that things were better before. And that’s what the show shows episode after episode. READ ALSO >> Master of None, Parks & Rec : who is Aziz Ansari, winner of the Golden Globes? The jurors of the Golden Globes, always quick to reward the new series capable of capturing the essence of an era, of X Files at Homeland Passing by Transparent , have not been mistaken. In addition to Rachel Brosnahan, the series has won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy. Which is quite deserved.

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