Golden Ladybugs, Insects That Can Make You Rich

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – The golden ladybug or Charidotella sexpunctata belongs to the group of tortoise beetles (golden tortoise beetle) including one that is quite well known.

Maybe because of the ‘blink-blink’ color these golden ladybugs sell and bring in cash.

Several local and international market places display this merchandise.

It is said that per kilogram is valued up to 20 million rupiah.

While on Ebay the price reaches Rp. 100 thousand / head.


These ladybugs are tiny, about 5-7 mm long.

The color varies from reddish brown with black spots to a mirror-like brilliant gold.

The edges of the elytra are wide and transparent. Elytra is a pair of wings that are in front of the beetle.

This pair of wings hardens and thickens which can protect the pair of wings behind it and also protect the back of the beetle’s body