Golden State Killer Gets Life (VIDEO)

74-year-old Joseph DeAngelo, also known as the Golden State Killer, has been sentenced by a judge in Sacramento, California to 12 life terms plus eight years in prison. The former policeman is known to have committed a long series of murders, kidnappings and rapes of women, and illicit weapons between 1975 and 1986.


DeAngelo took the floor to express his regret before the judge handed down the verdict. He pulled himself up from his wheelchair, lowered his mouth mask, and spoke to the judge. “I have listened to everything that has been said and sincerely regret all the sorrow I have caused.”

The verdict is based on thirteen (known to him) murders and thirteen rape cases. The prosecutor and also DeAngelo state that he raped more women (50 others). He was not charged for this because those cases were time-barred. He is said to have murdered, raped and / or kidnapped 87 victims.

DNA traces

For years, the Golden State Killer stayed out of the hands of the police. In 2018, DeAngelo was arrested after an investigation with his DNA material in a database intended for family tree research. A distant relative of DeAngelo whose DNA showed similarities with that of the perpetrator turned out to be registered there. DeAngelo was arrested, he was now in his seventies.

His confession allowed DeAngelo to avoid the death penalty. Because of the judgment, he has no possibility of a reduction of his sentence.

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