Golden State Warriors confirm at home and lead 2-0 to San Antonio Spurs




Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 07:19 | Updated 17/04/2018 at 07:53
Facing San Antonio Spurs better than in Game 1 but still too clumsy and borrowed, the Golden State Warriors have won without difficulty too match 2 of their series of the first round of play-offs (116-101). Kevin Durant (32 pts) and Klay Thompson (31 pts) were decisive.
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Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors will visit the San Antonio Spurs with a 2-0 advantage in the series. (NBA / Getty Images)

There was better in the game of San Antonio Monday night, on the floor of Golden State for match 2 of the first round of play-offs. Only the class gap between the Texas franchise and the defending champion is still too big to hope to exist, if only for four games. After having offered two first quarter finishes, leading to an advantage in favor of San Antonio at the break (53-47), the visitors collapsed, overwhelmed by Kevin Durant (32 pts) and Klay Thompson (31) but also by their own clumsiness (40.5% shooting).

14.3% San Antonio only scored 4 shots on 28 attempts, a 14.3% success. In front, Golden State split a good 15/31 (48.4%), including five points (out of 8) for the only Klay Thompson.

After taking full advantage of Steve Kerr’s tactical move in Game 1, namely JaVale McGee and Andre Iguodala’s tenure, Gregg Popovich also changed his game by throwing Rudy Gay into the starting lineup. A paying choice since the winger was able to lend a hand to LaMarcus Aldridge, untenable in the racket and its surroundings (34 pts to 11/21, 12 rbds). By privileging the game of isolation on Aldridge, the Spurs have long stood up to Golden State, unable to find the solution. She finally came after the break, thanks to the clumsiness of San Antonio.

Durant and Thompson attack, Green and Iguodala for defense

While they had been cautious with the ball until the break, Manu Ginobili (10 pts) and his have resumed the match by multiplying the balls lost. A boon for Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson who took advantage of these extra possessions to highlight themselves. The first showed that no player in San Antonio really has the capacity to contain it while the second has scored a few well inspired baskets, which have allowed Golden State to regain the advantage to never let go.

Klay scored 31, including 16 in the 4th, to help lead the @warriors to a 2-0 series lead! #DubNation #NBAPlayoffs – NBA (@NBA) April 17, 2018

Embarrassed in a sometimes too stereotyped game, waiting around LaMarcus Aldridge watching him, the Spurs have lost their early game rhythm. The outside shots missed and the rotations did not change anything: Dejounte Murray (4 pts to 2/4), Danny Green (0 pt, 0/3 shooting), Kyle Anderson (1 pt) or Bryn Forbes (0 pt to 0/3) were unable to relieve Aldridge, ultimately too lonely. Patty Mills (21 pts to 7/16) tried to react but far too late. Having found their transition game and a snarling defense, Golden State escaped without being able to be taken back. Draymond Green (9 pts, 5 rbds, 6 wt) and Andre Iguodala (14 pts, 7 rbds, 5 wt) even joined the offensive party after doing the job to protect their circle.

A home alarm clock for the Spurs?

For San Antonio, the addition is salty and hard to cash: convincing for 24 minutes, the Spurs have understood that Golden State has the means to shorten the series and has too many weapons to really fear an aging team and articulated around one player. The only slim hope left to Tony Parker (2 pts in 6 ‘) and others lies in their ability to stand on their own floor. This season, San Antonio has won 33 of 41 home games, the league’s third highest score behind Houston (34) and Toronto (34). Opposite, the “Dubs” posted the second best score outside (29v-12d). San Antonio will have no chance to exist in these play-offs if he can not compete with the Californians shooting three points. For the moment, there is no picture in the exercise (25/53 against 13/50) and the fluidity of the ball circulation (64 assists for the Warriors against 35) is for many. San Antonio has three days – match 3 will be played on Friday – to find the solution.



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