Golfer Kaymer is taking baby break

“Our child will be born in Germany and I won’t play tournaments for three months and won’t start again until March – in the USA,” said the 36-year-old from Mettmann in an interview with “Golf Magazin”.

Kaymer’s friend Irène Scholz is expecting their child in January. Then the fitness trainer and the two-time major winner will make their way to Florida, where Kaymer will then move into his training quarters. “The shuttle between America and Europe just didn’t work for me. I could go on with a little here and a little there, but that’s not what I want and doesn’t get me anywhere, ”said Kaymer.

Kaymer’s last win at a golf tournament was over seven years ago. In the world rankings, the former number one has slipped to 118th. Reason enough for the Rhinelander to change something. “In my opinion, I have tried too hard to correct my weaknesses and have neglected to develop my strengths. But you gain self-confidence through your strengths, ”said Kaymer.

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