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Original title: Gong Xiaobin: It is normal to lose in Australia, and the men’s basketball team temporarily loses everyone should be tolerant

Beijing time on July 6th, in the just-concluded Men’s Basketball World Cup Asia-Pacific third window period, the Chinese men’s basketball team faced Australia, the strongest opponent in the group stage, and lost two games in a row, especially the second game. In the case of a tie with the opponent, it collapsed at the end and finally lost 23 points!

Although the Chinese men’s basketball team successfully advanced to the second stage of the world preliminaries with the second place in the group, many fans still expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the men’s basketball team, and some fans even questioned coach Du Feng’s coaching ability online.

Gong Xiaobin, who has been active on the Internet recently, said that it is normal for the Chinese men’s basketball team to lose the game against Australia, and there is indeed a gap in strength between the two sides. “It’s normal to lose the game with Australia. We do have a gap with Australia. Only by recognizing the gap can we continue to improve ourselves. The Chinese men’s basketball coaching staff and all players can also be well summarized and adjusted through this game, and then we can play later. Good game.”

“In the past two years of the epidemic, the national team and high-level opponents, including Australian and European and American teams, have had very few opportunities to play, mainly in Asia.” Gong Xiaobin said of the significance of this game: “Through the World Cup window period, In the game, we feel that everyone can summarize in time and find out the direction that needs to be worked on in the next step.”

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Not only that, Gong Xiaobin believes that fans should be more lenient with the Chinese men’s basketball coach and coach, especially when they lose. “Every coach has a strong sense of honor and responsibility, and they all want to win glory for the country. Everyone should be tolerant of temporary losses, and give players and coaches more encouragement, so that players and coaches can use better performances and achievements. Repay everyone.”

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Photos of Gong Xiaobin playing for the national team when he was young

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