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Good deal Samsung Galaxy S20 +: the smartphone will drop its price drastically

by archyw

The Samsung Galaxy S20 +, one of the most popular premium smartphones of the moment, benefits from a completely new price reduction at the Rakuten retailer.

Generally, to enjoy a high-end device from one of the two leading brands in the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple, you have to plan a hell of a budget. The latter can quickly exceed 1000 € as long as we decide to look towards a new and very high-end model, such as the recent Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the powerful iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the other hand, if you wish, you can find a little older models (but not necessarily less interesting) like the Samsung Galaxy S20 +, for an excellent price at various resellers. This is exactly what we are offering you today.


Samsung Galaxy S20 + sur Rakuten

579.15 €

Thus, rather than paying more than 1000 € for this model, we can find the Samsung Galaxy S20 + at 579.15 € at Rakuten. We remind you that originally, this smartphone is displayed at more than 1100 €! In other words, we are on more than 500 € of reduction and almost 50% of reduction on its base price. Suffice to say that such a case does not run the streets! Especially since you can lower this price further by taking advantage of promo codes or a cashback at Rakuten at this address. And if you absolutely want a newer model, you can find the Samsung Galaxy S21 here at a good price.

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