Good news! Civil Servants Can Travel Officially with the Following Conditions

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Civil servants

GridHype.ID – Later, the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) or Civil Servants (PNS) were wondering when the 13th salary would be disbursed.

However, until now related to disbursement of the 13th salary there is no clarity.

Therefore, the government is focusing on tackling the corona virus pandemic.

This time, forget about the 13th salary, there is good news especially for ASN or PNS.

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The contents of the RB Minister Tjahjo Kumolo circular made a little relief in the midst of a difficult situation due to the corona virus pandemic.

What’s in it? Just look, which certainly came into effect July 13, 2020.

This circular certainly makes civil servants and government employees with employment agreements or PPPK a little relieved.

Because, official travel will make them no longer shackled and can get fresh air.

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