Good news! Kupang City PPKM Down To Level 1, 12 Regencies Still Level 3

Kupang, RNC – The Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has officially issued Instruction Number 61 regarding the Determination of the Status of PPKM in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. There are 2 regions whose PPKM is at level 1.

Based on a copy legalized by the Legal Bureau and signed by the Minister of Home Affairs, Muhamad Tito Karnavian on Monday (22/11/2022), 2 regions whose PPKM has dropped to Level 1 are West Sumba and Kupang City.

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Meanwhile, the regions that enter Level 2 are North Central Timor, Belu, Alor, Sikka, Manggarai, East Sumba, West Manggarai, and Central Sumba. Next for Level 3 are Kupang Regency, South Central Timor, East Flores, Ende, Ngada, Lembata, Rote Ndao, Nagekeo, Southwest Sumba, East Manggarai, Sabu Raijua and Malacca.

“The determination of the regional level as referred to in the FIRST Dictum is guided by the Indicator of Adjustment of Public Health Efforts and Social Restrictions in Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic determined by the Minister of Health and added with an indicator of the achievement of a total vaccination dose of 1 (one) where the district/city PPKM level is increased by 1 (one) level if the total achievement of 1 (one) dose of vaccination is less than 50% (fifty percent),” quoted from the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs.

Meanwhile, regions or regions that are included in Level 3 continue to strictly implement PPKM according to the ministry’s circular, and continue to increase vaccination rates to reach more than 50% of the target. (rnc04)

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