Good YouTube channels for life? (health and medicine, health, money)

Sport, art, music and religion. I don’t understand why people teach this in school? (Especially art and music)

Why do I have to memorize pieces on the xylophone at school, draw little pictures, do gymnastics on machines or learn something about religions, which is then also graded? There are also elective subjects such as sewing. These are all things that nobody needs in life. And because of something like that I sit in school for 9 hours.

We have eg. only ONE hour a WEEK apprenticeship although what you learn there is very important. You learn things that you really need for life or that at least help you. If you got rid of all this useless stuff, you would have a lot more “time” or free hours in which you could learn important things.. Eg more work apprenticeship. Or other subjects in which you learn something about taxes. Or about bills or about life in general.

Why is that and why is it not changed?