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"Goodbye Germany": Prince Heinz has a new guy and at 64 is suddenly dad

Heinz is in love again. In Sylwia, businesswoman from Poland.

Majorca –
Bang on Mallorca! Celebrity emigrant Prince Heinz of Sayn-Wittgenstein (64) leaves the sunshine island – after 26 years. The reason is a new love. But is the new beginning also the right decision? Prince Heinz and Princess Andrea von Sayn-Wittgenstein have split up
After 30 years, the popular emigrant and former "Celebrity Big Brother" candidate recently separated from his wife Andrea (read more here). But the millionaire is not sad. Andrea and him still share a deep friendship, he announced on Facebook.Andrea has not commented on the separation yet. But Heinz knows how much she had to nibble on the love-off and his new relationship: "When Andrea learned from Sylwia, I've already noticed that a world has collapsed at her."
Next, the entrepreneur reports: "Of course that also breaks my heart. But you can not change it. "The new love struck him like lightning.
Prince Karl Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein with wife Andrea.
Photo: picture alliance / dpa / Ursula Düren

"I hope that Andrea will be happy," he says of his wife, who will continue to live in the approximately 1,000 square meters "Villa Colani" in Mallorca.
This is the new friend of "Goodbye Germany" star Prince Heinz and Heinz? He moved from Mallorca to Berlin without further ado. Because he is in love again. In Sylwia: 19 years younger than the prince, businesswoman from Poland. The prince packed his bags for them.
"In my young years I dare to start again," jokes the emigrant. And raves about his heart lady: "" She is incredibly intelligent, pretty, sexy and nice. "
But does Heinz, who got rich in real estate business in Majorca at the beginning of the 90s, perhaps think too much? "I have not realized many things yet. Also, I have not realized the separation from Andrea, "he admits. That's why he does not want to contract with Sylwia. "She is pushing for something more than me," says the prince. But the 64-year-old is cautious: "I do not even know if this has any future with Sylwia."
Especially since he has to get used to a circumstance once: Heinz is suddenly two-time dad – and that with 64! Sylwia has a daughter and a son from an old relationship.Sylwia about Prince Heinz: "He is the man of my life" The 45-year-old, who comes from an industrial family, lives with her children near Krakow in a double villa to be as big as Heinz's domicile in Mallorca. That does not please the prince.
After PBB escape says Prince Heinz: "I apologize for nonsense" (read more here) He does not want to pull first to his new love to Poland and there give the "good Heinz" who waits for the end of his beloved and meanwhile the Children may beware.
So the two lead first a long-distance relationship. To the test. But Sylwia is sure that it will work out: "Heinz is the man of my life. I am very happy, "says the 45-year-old with (joyful) tears.
Sylwia moves to Berlin for Heinz. The lovebirds have a lot of love in the air. So much so that the two finally contract – in Heinz's new apartment in Berlin. Conclusion of the first night? "She says I'm snoring," Heinz says with a smile, so Sylwia must laugh. "I slept well," she reveals with a satisfied expression. And how is it going to continue? "I know I'm in love and I know that Sylwia is in love. And that's what counts, "says Heinz.
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