"Goodbye Germany": This is how it is for the leukemia-affected emigrant baby Yuna today

"Goodbye Germany": This is how it is for the leukemia-affected emigrant baby Yuna today

In July 2017, the little Yuna Josefina was born. Only three months later, the parents received the terrible diagnosis: Yuna Josefina has leukemia. Since then the baby gets chemo and immunotherapies. Meanwhile, the family has returned to Germany. Yuna Josefina is treated by specialists in a Jena clinic. On the net, the couple asks for donations and writes, among other things: “In addition to the concern for our small dying daughter and the desire to continue to meet our 9-year-old son, is constantly the concern, rent health insurance, etc, no longer able to pay.” Via Facebook In addition, Vox emigrants regularly provide updates on their daughter’s state of health. Baby Yuna receives high-dose chemotherapy in Jena In her latest post, Sarah Held writes: “The last 2 weeks in a rush: Again 70% blasts (hindering the formation of healthy blood cells, editor’s note) in the blood.” So there was another antibody, but this has hit very well. ” She continues: “Then we moved to the bone marrow transplantation station and for a few days the high-dose dough is in preparation.” Her daughter is “very brave”. Across from Bunte.de Held explained, “Yuna is doing well in the circumstances, she’s a small fighter and does not give in. All that’s been done has gone so far – chemotherapy, side effects, and now immunotherapy with antibodies.” Even if the last few months brought the family to its limits – when she and husband Marco see their “little mouse bear laughing happily”, everything is fine for a moment. “We keep going because it keeps going – it’s incredibly strong and it keeps us up.” Video: Modest is different: Steffen Henssler wanted to “always be at the forefront”

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