Goodbye ‘Hoy’: After being fired from Televisa and ending up without savings, actress beats cancer and joins ‘VLA’

Written in FAMOUS the 27/9/2022 · 16:35 hs

Mexico City.- After having suffered breast cancer and get fired from Televisaa famous actress and comedian joins the cast of the morning come the joy of TV Azteca. Is about Bettina Salazarknown for her funny character of Olga Sanawho resorted to sell apples and candy to survive before the lack of work and income. Although he was in the today program and is part of the morning show Tell me now! in San Ángel, now surprised in Ajusco.

As you may recall, the comedian has participated in Televisa programs such as Sabadazo y today program. In 2015, she shocked everyone in the art world by announcing that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Salazar even broke down in tears with the drivers Cecilia Galliano y Laura G removing the wig he was wearing, revealing that he had lost his hair due to the chemotherapies he had undergone.

After several surgeries and treatments, fortunately beat cancer and follow the indicated treatment so that the disease does not return. However, the comedian was Farewell from Televisa and stayed without savings, having to opt for other activities to generate money, such as selling desserts and sugar apples. Although it was learned that he signed a contract with TV Azteca during the pandemic to do a program called night stopThis never made it to air.

The actress is also part of the cast of the morning broadcast broadcast on the weekend Tell me now! Finallyaired by Las Estrellas, so it surprised users that this Monday, September 26, he joined the cast of the competition come the joy. Yes, Salazar participated in the section ‘joke show‘ and lived with the drivers as Patricio Borghetti and the cuban William Valdeswith whom he posed for a fun photograph.

Instagram @vengalaalegriatva

Olga Sana brought her playful sense of humor to the Hoy y Tell me now!as they are becoming less common exclusivity contracts, so it is believed that one would not count one on the San Ángel television station either. After she ended up without a job, now the comedian can go back and forth from different companies to share her talent with the public, without fear of veto as it was done in the past.

Instagram @vengalaalegriatva

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