Goodbye, Let Me Solo Her: the legend greets Elden Ring

You don’t know Let Me Solo Her? If the answer is no, you have most likely missed out on a real myth that will remain forever etched in the hearts of the players of Elden Ring.

The soulslike of FromSoftware (which you can find on Amazon at a great price) has in fact seen the entrance on the scene of a real hero of the community of players.

Rather than a knight in shining armor, he is a warrior almost completely naked and with a vase on his head instead of a helmet that helps players to defeat Malenia, one of the toughest bosses in the game.

And if someone has decided to make it eternal, thanks to a mod that allows you to always evoke it, it seems that his role in the Interregnum has come to an end.

According to what was disclosed on social media (via The Gamer), Let Me Solo Her has finished facing Malenia, eventually defeating the fearsome and relentless Empirea for the 1000th time.

After the finish, it seems that the paladin has decided to retire forever: it is also true that Bandai Namco seems to have already contacted the player with the promise of an unspecified “gift”: that the legend is destined to continue? Right now no one can know.

Below, the tweet with the final greeting by Let Me Solo Her:

Staying on the subject, he will not be a hero as intrepid as Let Me Solo Her, but after all we are talking about Batman himself, included in the soulslike of From by a very good modder.

But not only that: you have also read that the publisher Bandai Namco has recently announced that Elden Ring has it placed a truly astounding number of copies since its launch just a few weeks ago?

Finally, speaking of epic moments of a certain level, Rennala’s Full Moon spell can be much more choreographic than expected, especially when it comes to co-op.